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Twin Famicom System,Space Invaders Ltd Signed,Vectrex Multi Cart

Today’s post has some great vintage video game auctions. First up is a Famicom Twin system. The seller just listed this and the starting bid is at $269. This is another console that was obviously released only in Japan and are 3rd generation systems from the 8-bit era. Sharp produced these back in 1986 with the license from Nintendo. What makes this system unique is that Sharp combined the Family Computer Disk system with the Famicom Family Computer. There were many different Famicom Twin variants; this being the red model or AN-500R. There’s also a black Famicom Twim with red highlights which is AN-500B and so forth. Looks like the seller has all the accessories there plus the games. This is the only one on eBay that’s complete and the seller lowered the price.

Other video Game Auctions:

Space Invaders Limited Edition Autographed Print – “”limited edition print created by Taito and Backbone Entertainment just for Space Invaders Extreme Xbox Live Arcade release.  The print is individually hand-signed by Tomohiro Nishikado – the creator of the ORIGINAL 1978 Space Invaders.  There were only 180 of these created so they are ultra rare.”
Vectrex Arcade System Multi Cart 2.0 Game by Sean Kelly – “”It contains the entire Vectrex library less one title – AnimAction. Many of the recently programmed games are on it as well, including those written by John Dondzilla and others for a total of 60 titles on a single cartridge. If you have a Vectrex console, you probably know how difficult it is to find games for it. A must have for any collector.”
Cube Quest Vectrex Homebrew – Vectrex homebrew from the 2000 Classic Gaming Expo
Bonk’s Adventure Complete – hard to find game complete like this. Bid’s currently at $237.78
E3 2011 Sonic Generations 20TH Signed – “You are bidding on a, Very rare Brand New Never Worn Released On June 8th, Large T-Shirt Signed By Sonic The Hedgehog Creator/Producer/Programmer Yuji Naka Sonic Boom 20th Anniversary T-Shirt, for the Sonic the Hedgehog Gear & Video Game Players Fanatic Enthusiast. I have included pictures of Yuji in the listing as well as pics of him signing the shirt while he was signing it for authenticity purposes.”
2011 E3 Expo items swag
Best Looking Donkey Kong Country Auction EVER!
Secret Of Evermore Sealed Pal Version
Uncharted 3 Exclusive Voucher #4 and T-Shirt

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