Twisted Metal Sweet Tooth Mask Limited Edition Statue, Nintendo 64 Mario Squeezies and More!

Short but sweet post for today. We have A LOT of cool auctions ending today so make sure you don’t miss any of them! The auction that stands out the most for me is the Sweet Tooth statue that’s limited to 200. I didn’t know these existed??? I guess that after Twisted Metal 3 I gave up on the franchise and didn’t focus too much on it. It would be soooo cool if this statue had the tradition Sweet Tooth Mask as a statue and was produced for the first game. Now that I could see going past $500 for sure. Check out the auctions below:

Zelda Ocarina of Time 64 Soundtrack Nintendo Power Supplies Catalog OST N64 1998
Loot Crate Special Box with Megaman and Street Fighter Pop Out scene November
The History of Mario ( Limited to 500 copies) Nintendo NES Pix n Love
Nintendo 64 Squeezies MARIO 64!! RARE!! BRAND NEW! MARIO!
Memory Card Case Bio Hazrd 3 ver.
“Premium Mario Trump” Playing Cards Club Nintendo 2012
Super Smash Bros Champion Belt Limited Release Pre Order Bonus Wii U Mario Link
Link’s Awakening Game Boy Players Guide
Final Fantasy 3 Snes Players Guide
Nintendo DS The Legend of Zelda Spirit Tracks Stylus Touch Pen Feather Official
Twisted Metal Sweet Tooth Mask Limited Edition #180/200 Desktop Statue
MEGA MAN Mini Replica Helmet Red Rush Variant LOOT CRATE Battle Exclusive

Good luck!

CLICK HERE to buy this!

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