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Ultimate Game Room Essentials – Emulator Arcade & Gaming Chairs

It’s a dream for many gamers of the world to one day have the money and space to lay out an ultimate game room designed for atmosphere, selection, and quality. Here a few items that I would personally add to my game room. This is of course only a start to making the ultimate game room…

First off we have three different gaming chairs designed for three completely different styles of gaming.

Imeron IG350 Intensor LX – This chair can channel the audio into the seat to cause every explosion in the game to ripple through your body. The design of the chair is best suited for PC gaming at a desk.

ZERK Gaming Lounge – These seats provide perfect back and neck support when playing console games. The comfort of the seat could let you more easily lose yourself in the game…

Swopper Stool – This high tech stool has a shock built into the base and can also sway naturally with any movements that may come from an intense game. The design is perfect for sitting at an arcade machine for long periods of time trying to get a new score!

Console systems and computers are easy enough to find, but what about an arcade machine? I suppose you could get a ton of the original arcade machines if you have all the space in the world and the money to back it up (a dream beyond dreams). But, here’s an amazing alternative…

This machine is actually a PC patched into an arcade cabinet to give the selection of as many games as you can fit into it’s memory (ROM files). The button layout is perfect for many types of games and supports two players. It even has a track ball!

The menu navigation is a program called Hyperspin which contains animated intros to all games as you make your system and game selection! Here’s a clip showing how the menu looks in action…
This thing is unbelievable and the price is very much worth it. No games are included on the PC inside because of legal issues, but you can easily transfer your current ROM collection onto the system and start playing (including emulators and ROMs for any console from any age)! Follow the link below to get one for yourself (2 currently available):

Home Video Arcade MAME

CLICK HERE to buy this!


  • Kenji
    Aug 18, 2010

    Good post, thumbs up

  • Pilar
    Nov 30, 2013

    At this price, it’s a great deal even if you’re just
    looking to play a prettier version of games you’ve already enjoyed.
    And now you can actually take a break, because you have finished prepping your PS3 for Windows XP.
    the update program is not applicable for the system.

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