Kiosk Sega Genesis 1

The Ultimate Sega Genesis Kiosk

If I can sum this up in two words, this thing is “bad ***”!

I’m not sure how this Sega Genesis Kiosk was supposed to look like originally, or if much was changed on it, but I have to admit this is pretty insane. He’s nailed it, I’ve seen this Kiosk at my Toys R Us when I was younger but I don’t remember it in detail. All it’s missing is the switch of the T.V to small flat-screen and it’s made!

The seller says:

“The only other one I have ever seen was in Michael Jackson’s video game collection.”

Man MJ was just too cool….

You can own this Kiosk, along with all the games and systems(seller included his collection) for a whooping $5k!…or…errr……. “best-offer“. The seller lists the games he includes with the auction.

CLICK HERE to buy this!

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