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Ultra Rare Games – Sega Master System, Game Boy, and Playstation

Every console has it’s few ultra rare games and collectors seek these out constantly. It’s funny how people will throw down hundreds or even thousands of dollars for a game they don’t like just because there aren’t many copies of it in the world. The up side to this is the possibility of having the entire library of games for a select console. That’s an idea I think every gamer can appreciate.

This is one of the few rare games in the world that is actually a great game. When found factory sealed, it can easily sell for $400. This copy on eBay is not only sealed, but sealed by the Video Game Authority with a gold rating of 85+! This a valuable find and is up for a great price. The auction can be found with the following link:

Suikoden II – Playstation – VGA Sealed 85+

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Here is arguably the rarest Game Boy game ever made and while this may look like a sealed copy; it isn’t. Unfortunately, the factory shrink wrap has been cut open at the top so that the game can be taken out without removing the plastic around the box. I could be wrong, but I think this is the first time I’ve found a copy of a game where someone wanted to play the game enough to break the seal but, at the same time, kept the plastic wrap on the box. If you’re looking for a copy of this game you can play and display, this auction is for you.

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Yes, that’s right… Alf. This was a show I watched as a kid but I can’t remember why. If you watch an episode now, you yourself may wonder why it was so popular. It may just have been the puppet lol. Anyway, Alf is actually a very rare game in the Sega Master System library and this affordable copy is complete with box and manual.

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