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Ultra Rare Kirby and Star Fox Plush, Yu Suziki Autographs, Reaper Miniatures 3D Realms and More!

When you have a bunch of rare plushies on auction, some cool video game signatures and cool video game merchandise, then you know today is a good day :). First auction up is for a bunch of rare Kirby and Star Fox plushies. Seller¬†jardizzle14 has the rare Crystal Shards King Dedede UFO Plush from Kirby 64, a bunch of Pokemon plushies, and some rare Star Fox plusies (Falco and Slippy the Toad). They also have many Rush plushies in a lot but it would be awesome if the seller had the original Mega Man lush lot (Mega Man, Dr. Wily, Pharaoh Man). If you dig deeper in what the seller has to offer, there’s also a few snes rarities (Lufia II) for sale.

Link to jardizzle44’s Game Auctions

Other Video Game Auctions:
Yu Suziki AUTOGRAPHED photo creator of SHENMUE – Outrun – After Burner
Yu Suzuki AUTOGRAPHED photo SEGA – Shenmue – Hang On – Space Harrier – Out Run
Yu Suzuki AUTOGRAPHED photo -Shenmue
The Legend of Zelda Majora’s Mask Collector’s Puzzle Map of Termina 550 piece
A WOW World of warcraft Lich King the grief of frost Cosplay Stainless steel
SUPER MARIO Squeaky Hammer Toy Plush UFO Catcher Banpresto 1996
Reaper Miniatures 3D Realms Prey 2006 Collector’s Edition Pewter Models 32mm
Custom Nintendo Zapper Lamp
Jet Grind (Set) Radio CD Music Sampler Soundtrack OST Dreamcast NEW
Set of 5 Animal Crossing Stamps
Bioshock 2 Sinclair Solutions Syringe Metal Pen in Case
11 Fallout New Vegas Collector’s Edition Boxes
ZOMBIE DOG sculpture from Resident Evil Unofficial Custom
CACTUAR Final Fantasy Creature Arts Unofficial Custom
CACODEMON chibi cute Doom sculpture Unofficial Custom

Good luck!

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