Limited Edition PlayStation 3 (PS3)

Uncharted 2 – Fortune Hunter Edition

Hey guys, I just wanted to bring this item to some attention if you haven’t noticed it before or perhaps haven’t heard of this edition of Uncharted 2. This giant and amazing looking box set was never for sale. It was a prize given away to 30 winners that participated in an online promo campaign. I’m not sure if there were other give-aways outside of the 30 I’ve just mentioned but you can be sure the developers have others.

The story behind the 30 prize editions is pretty interesting. Back in mid October of 2009, Sony made an offer to give away 10 of these incredible collector’s items every day for three days. To be eligible for one you needed to play the online demo of Uncharted 2 on one of those days.

The Fortune Hunter Edition on eBay right now is being sold by a known reseller so the ¬†cool story behind someone winning this is lost. It must have been pretty awesome for those 30 gamers who won though… Insanity.

Uncharted 2 – Fortune Hunter Edition

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