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Uncharted 3 Vinyl Figure Gold Artist Proof Version Limited to 11

When it comes to very limited collectibles, an artist proof release is often the most difficult to find. In the case of Erick Scarecrow’s vinyl Drake figures, this isn’t the case. The gold artist proof edition is still extremely limited (only 11 of them out there) but there are other versions that are nearly impossible to get your hands on. The silver edition was limited to 5 and the Neo-Tokyo prototype is one of a kind. Good luck finding those, guys! lol… Fortunately, one of the 11 gold artist proof versions is now up for grabs…

Uncharted 3 Vinyl Figure Gold Artist Proof Version Limited to 11 – #5 of 11 sealed in the box.

Here are a bunch more for today:

Silent Hill Homecoming Pyramid Head Statue – Stands about a foot tall. Fantastic paint job too.

Grand Theft Auto Vice City Hoodie – Size is large.

Tomb Raider N-Gage Limited T-Shirt – Anyone looking for one of these?… no?… lol

Game Boy Advance Store Sign Unused – Shipping box included and has never been put up for display.

Playstation Store Sign – First bid is only $9.99.

Konami Case Boy Complete – This is a Japanese release from Konami. It’s a plastic case for your Game Boy which still lets you play it. Original box and packing included.

Batman Arkham City Promo Masks Set of 3 – A Gamestop retail conference give away.

Uncharted 2 Art Book Folio Edition Limited to 200 – #158 of 200

Gears of War 2 Marcus Fenix Figure – Gold Lancer Variant – 8 of these once available and 1 has sold so far.

Super Mario All-Stars SNES Coupon – This caught my eye only because of the video we have up on the top right of the site at the moment. Is this worth more to you than a $20 bill? Maybe not.

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  • Guru
    May 01, 2013

    I love that vice city sweater!

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