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Unloading Watchlist, Some amazing auctions

Good mornig VGA readers. I have some video game¬†auctions that will blow your mind. They’re a good asortment of different games, consoles and collectibles from all categories. As well there are charity auctions in the mix for Japan. One auction that stood our for me was the Fallout boy puppet, that’s really cool and it’s a charity auction on top of it.

Video Game Auctions:

Hot slots for Nintendo

Magical Chase Turbo Grafix 16

Sonic the Hedgehog 15th Anniversary Statue

Earthbound Sealed

Intellivision Stadium Mud Buggies

Fallout 3 Vault boy Hand Puppet

Nintendo Storage Cabinet

Sega Nights Journey of Dreams Pillowcase

Mirror’s Edge Messenger Bag

Nintendo Gameboy Promo Sign NEW!

N64 Fiberoptic Promo Sign

Original Nintendo Game Boy Display CHEAP!!

Syndicate NTSC Sealed

Tron Legacy XBOX 360 Controller CHEAP

Sega Saturn Game Gloves

Sonic the Hedgehog Snowglobe

Space Patrol Sealed

Adventures of Lolo 1,2,3

CLICK HERE to buy this!

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