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Unopened Standees, Limited GTAIV Xbox 360, Cups and Homebrew Colecovision Game

It’s funny sometimes how the auctions we collect and list sometimes have unexpected similarities. Today for example, a few of the auctions below include cups and mugs lol. They are however some pretty nice collectibles. Aside from the cups, we have some standees listed that are still in their original shipping packaging, and some very limited stuff as well. First item up was a limited release of 50 carts…

Cye (Colecovision Homebrew) – This maze puzzler was released at the Classic Gaming Expo in 2007 but only 50 carts went out. Still 4 days left on the auction but it’s worth watching.

Grand Theft Auto IV Limited Console – There are only 500 of these consoles out there and this auction is for #143 of 500. Bids have stacked up quite a bit but the reserve hasn’t been met yet.

Zelda Ocarina of Time Link Figure – It’s very hard to find one of these figures but the price is still very high. The seller is taking offers though.

Zelda Minish Cap Standee Unopened – Very much for collectors, a sealed standee is nothing much to look at lol.

Starfox Assult Deluxe Standee Unopened – Another unopened standee of slightly lesser value than the Zelda on above.

Super Mario Bros Stage Figure Set of 6 – I love these things. Any collectible that keeps an 8-bit character in pixel form is awesome.

Grand Theft Auto III Limited 10th Anniversary Mug – This seller has a few of these available. The price isn’t bad either.

World of Warcraft Collectible Cups Set of 4 – This seller has actually sold 15 sets of these cups so far. At $20 per set, these things are flying.

Legend of Zelda Cup and Bowl – Vintage breakfast cereal set up here. If I picked these up, I would wake up on a Saturday morning, have a bowl of cereal and a cup of orange juice using this set just for the hell of it, then power on my NES for the rest of the day 😛

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