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Various Sealed Figures and a Couple of World of Warcraft Loot Cards

This listing is mainly dedicated to the figure collectors out there. I’ve known a few over the years and even though figures unfortunately tend to demand a large amount of space when still sealed, there are few other kinds of collections that draw that kind of visual awe. Walking up and down the rows, squinting at every detail and just breathing in the very nerdom of the experience is tough to equal. I’ve added a few more auctions for fun as well. First two for example are WoW loot cards…

World of Warcraft Muloc Costume Blizzcon Loot Card

Blizzcon 2009 Murloc Pet Grunty

The Figures – There are a couple of lot auctions here but the Resident Evil lot doesn’t show all 17 in the picture provided by the seller. That’s worth a question or two put to the seller. You guys seem to know your stuff so just grab up the must-haves.

Maximo Queen Sophia

Retro Roto Mega Man

Duke Nukem Pig Cop

Resident Evil 2 Claire and Zombie Cop

Tomb Raider Figure Lot (7)

Resident Evil Figure Lot (17)

Halo 10th Anniversary Master Chief

Duke Nukem Forever Duke

Twisted Metal Sweet Tooth

One more random auction for kicks. 😉

Xbox 360 Pin

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