VGA New Year for Auctions in 2017!

Nintendo Employee 1992 Product Information Training Manual Promo Binder

Hey all! Hope everyone enjoyed their holidays and I wish everyone single one of you a Happy New Year! I’ve taken some time off during the Christmas break and some time off in the first week of the New Year but I’m happy to say we’re back in business!

So 2016 has passed by and as always we’ve posted so many auctions it’s hard to mention which ones were the biggest. I do know however that there are less incredibly rare items that I’ve been use to seeing before 2016, heck, even 2015. I mean it’s subjective as what I might find rare; you might not find rare. But for example I don’t think I’ve seen the Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time official Famitsu Brother’s Flute. OR a Final Fantasy 7 Music Box. Seems like collectors are hanging onto their most prized possessions. But there will always be new and interesting stuff coming out and with the new year into play, let’ all hope for some goodies to hit ebay and other places for good prices :).

So, after an early search this morning on ebay I’ve accumulated some interesting items. Some items are pretty rare and quite expensive, but worth mentioning. These auctions end today so you’ll need to think of placing a bid within the next 6-7 hours.

Video Game Auctions:
Limited Edition Gears of War 4 Mug and Coaster Set
PlayStation Swag Sunglasses UV400 Bag Backpack Koozies PS Sony Hat Flexfit
Nintendo Employee 1992 Product Information Training Manual Promo Binder
RARE Original Game Boy Play it Loud DMG-01 Blue System
Super Mario World Color Me Mario plush – Nintendo Alps
Super Mario World Plush doll Soft toy Bowser Koopa LM-3 Nintendo Banpresto
Super Mario World frisbee – Sealed – Nintendo Tsukada Original – Famicom – USA
Lot of 118 Super Mario Bros. Wii Cards Incl. 2 RARE Gold Series Princess Peach
Awesome Vintage Nintendo Kids Belt! Leather Mario Princess Toad Koopa 80s
vintage sega sonic the hedgehog hat genesis cool 92
Square Enix Members 2009 Gold+Silver+Bronze Reward CD box set Final Fantasy

Good luck!

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