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VGA Site Update 07/02/11

This will be a quick update which will be the last I will put in a post. We have added a simple forum to the site. It is located at the top of the navbar. Anything on your mind? Just go there. Everything’s self explanatory. As time passes by, we will continue to update the forum, add sticky’s and announcements, etc..

It won’t be busy in there but I’m sure we all can have some interesting conversations :). And common, what site doesn’t have a forum?

You can also post auctions there if we don’t post them, and you can even share auctions outside the world of video games. By the way, we are still learning how to work everything there so don’t be alarmed if some things come across as “unusual” in the forum setting.

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  • Kenji
    Feb 07, 2011

    Gabby jay…………….YAY!

  • Joseph
    Feb 08, 2011

    Cool! That’s a great addition!

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