VGA Site Update 7/12/10

I don’t think we have ever updated our viewers on changes we make to the site which I think we will start doing here. It helps keep you  informed on whats new, and to look forward to things in the future.

We changed the navbar so that we are have up the pages that are being used, not ones that are under construction such as the “Bid Wars” or “Auctions”. In the near future Bid Wars will be a compilation of comics that Akira will be doing. I don’t want to give too much away and will let Akira take care of that, but it will be something fun for you, the viewers to enjoy!

Now I’m sure most of you have realized by now that there’s a new category in the navbar titled “Hall of Fame“. For those who haven’t noticed, we at VGA are compiling many great auctions that have ended in the past. There’s certain things we look for before adding an auction to the VGA Hall of Fame such as the rarity of the auction, how much it finished at, and the uniqueness of the item. For example, a brand new Super Mario World game can fetch probably in the $500 mark, however, they aren’t entirely rare and you can find them on eBay and other sites, so I wouldn’t really be interested in putting it up there. But an Atari World Championship Lot of tourny gear and prizes along with COA’s is something worth adding to the HofF!

You can’t miss the section since it’s right at the top. I try to update that page as much as I can with newly added auctions. There’s more info on that page so check it out!

I believe this will be the first time it is done and I haven’t seen this anywhere else on the net. It’s good to have old video game auctions archived and many gamers can find this info useful when purchasing future collectibles of the same sort. You can use the Hall of Fame for bench marking but we all know how certain collectibles become more valuable with age. Still, I believe it will be fun and I’ll try to keep as much info from these auctions as I can such as high quality pictures and auctions details.

We take any suggestions here at VGA. Whether it is constructive criticism or positive feedback, we’ll be happy to hear whatever you have to say. If you also want to share an auction with us, we’ll be happy to take a look! All you’ll need to do is submit the auction via the “Submit Form“. We have appreciated all your submissions so far :). In the meantime have fun and keep on gaming!

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