VGA Site Update RE List 13/12/10

Time for another update! After doing my post about Albert Weskers Signed Lithograph I thought I’d update the Top 10 Resident Evil Collectibles. I had to add a couple of things in there such as the Resident Evil Wine bottle that just sold two months ago for $450. It made it’s way onto the list at #10, and I bumped the RE Zippos all the way down to the “Honorable Mentions”.

I also explained why I  did not add Resident Evil 1.5 to the list, but I did add it to the honorable mentions list so that it gets the recognition. I don’t think I will be touching this Top 10 List for a long time since many of the Resident Evil Collectibles that are rare are listed there, unless of course Albert Wesker’s Sunglasses from the RE intro on PS1 pops up on eBay :). I just wanted to inform all you Resident fans, especially all the ones that have been sending me emails about adding RE 1.5 to the list. If this is your first time to the site, the Top 10 RE collectibles can be found on the right sidebar.

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