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VGMusicCenter’s YouTube Channel

I’ve been putting off this post for a while now, but I wanted to share with you all a really cool video game music channel that I stumbled upon awhile back.

VGMusicCenter is a fairly new YouTube channel that uploads only video game music. Sure you might be thinking that whats the difference with the other 1000’s of gamers who upload music. Well, I’ll get to that but before I do I’ll give you a general overview.

The guy who runs VGMusicCenter goes by the name of Striker, and by the looks of things he’s on pace to have one of the most comprehensive video game soundtrack collections on YouTube ! When I stumbled upon this channel Striker had around 10 video game soundtracks uploaded. Now he has more than a hundred which is quite impressive for such a short period of time. There’s music from the Mega Man Series, Sonic the Hedgehog Series, Final Fantasy and plenty more.

VGMusicCenter YouTube Channel

With more than 33,000 views since opening VGMusicCenter in January, he has a following of 1,467 and will most likely continue to grow. When doing my posts on VGA I like to tune into his channel since there’s always something I can find. What grabbed my attention about this channel and why I’m promoting it is simple: he’s got soundtracks that’s suitable for anyone, and he’s very well organized. I really appreciate the easy layout which makes it easy to scroll, and I also appreciate the hard work put into the channel in such little time.

I am 100% certain you will find something over at VGMusicCenter that you will listen to. He was taking requests for certain soundtracks but I guess it got overwhelming since the requests are on hold. But if you frequently check the channel, you’ll see all the “Updates” and “Coming Next” soundtracks which is neat. Currently pending the channel are B.O.B. (Sega Genesis), Skies of Arcadia Legends (GC), Aladdin (Sega), Gex Deep Cover Gecko (PSX) and more. So you can see the diversity in games.

In case you missed the link, you can click here to visit the channel.

Here’s the intro to Mega Man 8 from his channel. You cannot beat Mega Man music….

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