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VHS Promo Tapes

Many gamers of my generation may remember walking through a video game store and see TVs in every corner showing commercials and gameplay footage of games that were soon the be released. In fact, I remember one day a long time ago when I was trying to get my way to a Killer Instinct arcade cabinet at my local video store, my path was blocked by a crowd of people watching a promo tape play! They always did attract a lot of attention and that was the point… to get gamers hyped and start saving up for that next great game or system. I actually bought my first Playstation because of watching Street Fighter Alpha on a promo tape… it was an amazing moment seeing that for the first time.

The auctions listed below come from various companys including Nintendo, Sega, Squaresoft, Sony, and Capcom. Some of these promo tapes are for games and some are for systems…

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