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Video Game Auctions From Around The World

Good morning VGA readers, today I thought I’d do some auction hunting around the world at different eBay sites. It’s much more difficult as there is an obvious language barrier when doing this. The difficulty doesn’t come from game titles as that’s universal. It comes for the more specific search, but I still managed to come up with a few good finds so let’s go!

First auction is for a Spiders Entex 1982 Table Top. Sure it’s not common, but that’s not why I’m talking about it. If you’re a huge retro fan and into table tops or vintage hand helds then check out and do you table top searches. They have a vast selection of vintage games and table tops. Although the prices are intimidating, it never hurts to try and bargain with the seller.

The second auction hails from Spain. It’s the Metal Gear Solid Ops PSP Premium Pack. It’s originally released for the Japan market and was limited to 2500 pieces. Sure you might be able to buy this on, in fact there’s one up right now. If you have $700 go for it, you’ll be saving shipping costs 🙂 . If you rather try and win it for a lot less then check this auction out.

Other Video Game Auctions:


Gears of War Lancer – Wow this lancer is hot. At 310 pounds it’s monstrous. These sell for $300 US over here. I’m suprised with the price spike.

Laden vs U.S.A Hand Held – Well now that Mr. Bin Laden is no longer with us I wonder if this will increase in price?

Mix lot of Zelda Collectibles – For what is offered in the lot it’s very pricey. It’s interesting to see because technically it’s $500 US for the whole lot. I’d say realistically it would fetch $50-$100 max on regular auction.

Mortal Kombat Official 1993 T-Shirt – Nice to see an original Mortal Kombat shirt from 1993. It’s sealed and looks to be


Tomb Raider Lara Croft Life Size Statue – I always see these life size statues from Germany. I think the all of them are made by the same person. Would love to have a customized option, but would probably cost an arm and a leg.

Zelda Link Ocarina of Time E3 Statue – This statue has a best offer option so I’d give it a shot if you’re looking to get this.

CLICK HERE to buy this!


  • Dan
    Aug 12, 2011

    i never seen the laden vs US, how does it play like? has anyone played it before?

  • Riku
    Aug 13, 2011

    Never played it Dan. I mean it looks like your typical handheld game but after seeing a review on youtube, it’s pretty screwed up:

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