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Video Game Authority Madness

Well, as predicted by many, the whole Video Game Authority business has been taken to a new level. But before I continue, I’m not really into all this VGA grading stuff.  Their metrics aren’t 100% accurate and no one really knows whats taken into consideration when the games are being graded. Sure they have a Grading Scale page on their site, but when it boils down to particularities it’s really at the discretion of the grader, meaning that the grades can be biased. How can you grade the degree of a bump, scratch, or tear? There’s even that famous story now of the dude who sent in two of the same game/same condition and both got different grades. Maybe the condition of the games weren’t the same? I don’t know.

Don’t get me wrong though, I wouldn’t mind having a game I love have some sort of authentic grading to increase it’s value since that’s what Video Game Authority’s services are meant to do right? And they are the only ones who do it.  But the thing is that eBay is cluttered with this stuff. It’s even got to the point where people buy brand new games that just came out and send them over to Video Game Authority to get the game graded. Nothing wrong with that until they list it on eBay for triple the amount.

Today is a whole new ball game which I knew was going to happen. Seller’s are starting to become dependent on their inventory being VGA graded. There’s not many out there right now since this whole VGA business can get expensive. However, I finally found someone who bases their whole video game inventory to be VGA graded.

When Blue Marlin get’s it’s own VGA grade you know this seller is serious. Common now….Blue Marlin?

Click here for 20….ummmm yeah I’m serious… 20 pages of Video Game Authority Graded Games on eBay

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  • Joseph
    Feb 21, 2011

    Well, VGA graded games sure do look great in there plastic cases 🙂

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