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Video Game Award 2005 – Won and Signed by Christopher Walken

Here’s an embarrassing item from Christopher Walken’s career. He won this award in 2005 at Spike’s Video Game Awards for his voice acting in a game called True Crime: New York City. This gold monkey was handed to Christopher Walken by Samuel L. Jackson and so began it’s strange journey to eBay…

First off, let me say that True Crime: New York City was a horrible game. Nearly every review ever made of the game was 5 /10 or less. It’s full of bugs and a poorly written story. The game is basically unplayable. But, Christopher Walken did a good job and earned this award. Why didn’t he keep it you may wonder? Well not only did the game fail, but the award is a cheap piece of crap lol! Seriously… if you check the auction, you will see how poor the engraving is and the thing is even broken in 2 places! He must have signed it and gave it away at some point. Follow the link below for the auction on eBay:

Video Game Award 2005 – Won and Signed by Christopher Walken

Of course, this is a very rare item. It’s worth about as much as it’s selling for… maybe. It’s hard to tell. From a video game collectible point of view, I wouldn’t say it’s worth much… But, movie collectors would really want this and many gamers are movie goers so who knows!

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