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I collect a lot of video game collectibles from many categories; games, posters, toys, promo items, magazines, etc…

One category that I love is displays for video games! Whether it be BIG store displays, or little ones on the window, I’ve always been fascinated with how much detail and marketing goes into one of these things. I guess it started when my dad would come home from a local video game store and give me free promotional items; pens, bookmarks, posters, window stickers, magnets, and most important, cardboard displays! The local video game shop were very generous. They would specifically order 20x, 30x the amount of posters or cardboard displays just to hand out to their customers.

You see, the owner explained to me that companies like Nintendo, SEGA, Microsoft, etc….they didn’t care how many promo items you ordered/added to the list. I mean there was obviously a maximum, but most stores would only need 2 or 3 of any given promotional category(posters, cardboard display, etc..). But what the owner did was give the big cardboard displays out to the best customers; the customers who were regular buyers.

The sad reality is that as soon as the internet came out, and sites like eBay emerged, this turned many people into extreme capitalists. The owner of the video game store stopped giving out promotional items, and instead opt to list them on eBay to make money that way. He even started selling them in his store. In all honesty he has every right too since it’s his business, but I miss those magical times when my dad would ask me to help him get tons of free promo items from his van. I still got all my store displays and I hold onto them for good memories…..

Here are some awesome store displays I found on eBay:

Castlevania II NES Counter Display – This auction also includes the complete Nintendo game!

Final Fantasy Tactics Game Boy Store Display – Very big with nice shiny colors 🙂

Huge Nintendo Display 4ft – “It was hanging from the ceiling in Nintendo’s booth at the CES convention (Consumer Electronics Show, before there was an E3) back in the late 1980’s”.

Nintendo 64 Ridge Racer Store Display – Common…I know there are some racing fans out there!

Kirby’s Dream Course and Kirby Avalanche SNES display

Vintage Donkey Kong Party Display Nintendo NES – seller has 2 left!

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Store Display – It’s displays like this that makes me addicted!

Big N64 Yoshi’s Story Poster/Display N64 – Look at the guys feet next to the poster!

SEGA McDonald Mini Game’s Display – I actually own the whole mini game set!

SEGA Saturn Store Display

CLICK HERE to buy this!

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