Video Game Halloween Costumes on eBay

We here at VGA believe in only displaying official items. At times we can display something that was custom made or unofficial simply because of price or art and this will be mentioned but when it comes to costumes, unless the person is a professional, it’s beter to be listing official items which are regulated, made to fit and so on.

Halloween is coming up an people will be looking for costumes from their favorite games. Unfortunately eBay doesn’t have a huge selection of masks but they’re still decent options as officially liscensed video game costumes are hard to find. You can easily find your specific costumes on the thousands of costume sites on the net, but nothing compares to eBay reliability and quality.

Let’s GO:

Click here ATARI Yar’s Revenge halloween costume

Click here Halo 3 Master Chief Helmet Costume Mask

Click here Blizzcon 2010 Exclusive – Murloc Halloween Costume Hat!

Click here Kratos God Of War Halloween Mask

Click here Resident Evil 4 Limited Edition Halloween Mask

CLICK HERE to buy this!

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