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Video Game items from Japan

What makes video game items from Japan so desirable is the fact that you can only get them from Japan, which heightens the rarity for these commodities. However, in the new age, there are sellers on eBay, and deputy services that aid you in your search for rare video game collectibles. There are more collectors turning to Japanese items to build their collection since some of the coolest video game related items are from there!

I’m pretty sure most of you can agree with me on this topic, but for those who cannot comprehend, let me show you some items specifically from a Japanese eBay seller named sonkirihayameni. Now just a heads up, don’t be surprised if they don’t answer your questions. I’ve never had a response from them when I sent questions, so there is no price negotiation.

1). The Legend of Zelda VHS Promo for Gameboy – Well there’s not too much mentioned in the auctions “description” but I am guessing this is for “Link’s Awakening” since it has the “Gameboy” logo and only that. I would love to see whats on here!

2).Final Fantasy Plush Lot Squaresoft – Nice Final Fantasy 9 plush set which includes an official Square bag!

3).Earthbound Mother 2 Mr Saturn Plush Figure New

4).Legend of Zelda 2 Game Novel Book – I love the art work on this book! Official LOZ 2 Novel book from Japan. Decent price at $26.40!

5).Legend of Zelda Sound Calculator by Banpresto – Haven’t seen one of these on Yahoo Japan for a while. Whats awesome about this calculator is that it makes noise. The best part is when you push the “equal” button it makes the surprise dungeon discovery noise

6).Kingdom Hearts 2 Promo Mini Keychains – Size of each keychain is 1 inches so don’t be fooled by the pic, the display is actually quite small!

7).Final Fantasy 7 Shinra Company Staff Card – I don’t know why Squaresoft at their peak didn’t make these cards. Awesome FF collectible just because of the significance of these cards in the game…

8). Final Fantasy Job Change Figure Complete Set – Nice Final Fantasy character collection from the original game.

9).Sega Sonic 2 Hedgehog Promo VHS Video – Another VHS promo but for Sonic the Hedgehog 2! I really like these types of items from Japan because they hold a lot of mystic behind them. Decent price for $34.50

10).Legend of Mana Rabi Necklace Gold Figure

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