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Good morning VGA readers. I always like to start off by saying good morning 🙂 I haven’t focused a post stricly on posters so I’ve done just that. I’m crazy for video game posters. The value on some of them is always hard to pin point because of the fact they go up and down in demand, yet some will always fecth high prices like Earthbound posters and Super Metroid posters.

I have a bunch of cool posters that are on auction and starting at a low price. There’s a seller who’s listing a ton of Nintendo Power posters(rip outs from the magazines) and they’re at $.99, and a lot of them are good titles so check it out. Here’s the list of poster I am watching:

Bioshock Infinite Signed Poster & Irrational Shirt

Silent Hill 3 Konami Posters Set of 2 – Alright this one isn’t cheap but they’re both original Silent Hill 3 posters.

Mortal Kombat Window Display

Super Mario Bros NES Door poster 1989

Super Mario RPG Poster

Krusty’s Fun House Poster

Secret of Evermore Poster

Donkey Kong Country Display

Age of Empires III Game Battleship

World of Nintendo Sign

E.T Atari Display

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  • Joseph
    Apr 08, 2011

    I think it’s funny how that guy with the Silent Hill posters, is using his brand new copy of Silent Hill to hold it down on one side 🙂 I really, really want the Donkey Kong display O.O

  • Joseph
    Apr 12, 2011

    Drat, with just 8 seconds left I got outbid on the Donkey Kong store display. I really thought it would go low, but it went for over $200. Oh well 🙁 there’s plenty of other worthy listings to bid on in the next few days.

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