PlayStation (PS1) Promotional Items

Video Game Promo Items

I thought I’d bundle up all the promo auctions I saved from my searches. Most of the are pretty old PlayStation promos that were given out during the release. Although some of the promo items look unofficial, during that period it was very common to receive all sort of promo items such as clips, tiny ps1 mirrors, note pads, etc… Well there should be something interesting for everyone so check it out!

Video Game Promo Items:

E3 T-Shirt Lot Promo – Zero bidders @ $0.99!
Sony PlayStation Calculator Promo
PlayStation 3 Frisbee
Playstation E3 Game Light-Up Tops Promo
Secret Agent Clank Figurine Promo – This was a Gamestop giveaway
Playstation Magnets Clips Promo
SIMS 3 Toaster Promo – I also didn’t know what to think when I saw this…
Nice Pokemon Stadium 2 Chromo Poster

Good Luck!

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