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Video Game Prototype Boxes, Lithographs, Autographs, StarCraft 2

I’m going to unload my watchlist which has a lot of goodies depending on your taste. I hold value in autographs, I like to get personal with the designers of the game, the creators, the minds that came up with the characters and stories I dream about.

Let’s begin:

RARE SNES prototype box from CES show BART’S NIGHTMARE

RARE SNES prototype box from CES show SMASH TV Williams

RARE SNES prototype box from CES show WRESTLEMANIA WWF

RARE GameBoy prototype box from CES show BEETLEJUICE

Comic Bakery Prototype – Cart #2/5 ColecoVision/ADAM. There is only 5 of these in the WORLD. It’s on auction now so go bid! 4 days

Star Fox Super Weekend Donkey Kong Country Competition. Awesome that this seller has both weekend editions. Too bad they’re $1200 or BEST OFFER.

2 MORTAL KOMBAT vs DC UNIVERSE COLLECTOR’S LITHOGRAPHS. Nice litho for you Mortal Kombat fans. Have this framed.

Sega Dreamcast Development Software and Manuals Dev

PC-E YS Premium Music CD Box in Felghana 8CD Boxset. Nice collection of the Ys series. Most of the games are Japanese but there were a few releases in North America.

The Legend of Zelda a Link to the Past Pencil Board 2.
Zelda Link To The Past SNES VGA 75 Sealed New Complete. Nice deal for a 75 rated sealed Zelda. A close up reveals a top left corner exposed from the plastic. Is this the reason for the 75? A best offer, give it a shot.

I decided to list a bunch of StarCrfat 2 autographs and packages as you can see you have a chance to win one at a great deal so I gave you guys variety.

Starcraft 2 Autographed

SDCC Marvel vs Capcom 360 Stick street fighter signed

StarCraft 2 II Collector’s Edition SIGNED by BLIZZARD


Starcraft 2 Collector’s Edition Autographed

Starcraft 2 Autographed/Signed by BLIZZARD DEVS


SDCC 2010 Gears of War 3 Posters SIGNED with Bonuses!

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