Video Game Rarities!

Our good friend Brett from VideoGameMM has a bunch of awesome video game merchandise for sale! Many rarities which I haven’t seen before. I love the giant Game Boy color display! Always wanted one, but they always end for so much on auctions that I’ve never been able to hold onto any. Brett always has some interesting stuff for sale and I’m not sure where he get’s his stash from but definitely a secret source that only he knows of! Below are some of the items from his auctions page. Check em out!

Video Game Rarities:
Nintendo Game Boy Advance Store retail large hanging display gba handheld
Eye Toy Sony PS2 press promo E3 swag metal tin asset kit letter set disc cd art
Ratchet and Clank Future promo inflatable blow up wrench toy not plush Insomniac
Double Play wireless controllers Nintendo NES game pad system
Resident Evil 4 laser art cel Limited Edition Leon Kennedy promo sealed
Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine press promo Calendar E3 swag Lucasarts
House of the Dead III Zombie kit costume SEGA press promo E3 swag arcade
New Super Mario Bros. 2 gold figure toy keychain set complete Luigi coin rare
G4 Video Game Channel press promo Clock mint in box E3 gamer TV controller
Nintendo Game Boy Color Store retail hanging display Wario Land 3 NESM98HI MIB
Nintendo Game Boy Color Store retail hanging display Donkey Kong Land NESM98DI
Operative No One Lives Forever Martini shaker 3 set glass crystal Bond 007 promo

Good luck!

CLICK HERE to buy this!

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