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Video Game Soundtracks OST “Fake versus Original”

These are soundtracks I’ve had an eye on for awhile. Most of these are on my watch list but some I just randomly remembered. Video Game music is great to listen to, especially if the soundtrack is kick ass so there will be a post in the future about which VG soundtracks are worth buying

but for now there’s something you need to keep an eye out when it comes to Video Game Soundtracks because they CAN become collector items, especially if they’re signed by the composer himelf. The first thing you need to know is whether it is “original”. eBay is scattered full of copies, remakes by “animecast”, and bootlegs. There is no value in bootlegs(unofficial), only originals so the best way to find out is for example if I am looking for an RPG made by Squaresoft, I will look for their “LOGO” or their sister company who produces these soundtracks “Digicube” on the actual soundtrack. I’ll usually ask the seller these questions if I buy from eBay. Lucky for me this isn’t as big as a problem on Yahoo Japan.

Second thing I will look for when buying a soundtrack is price. Yes I know that sounds obvious but it’s not for “savings” reason. Some soundtracks are genuinely expensive given the fact they’re rare. Others are “over-priced”. Don’t be suckered into over-paying for something that a seller on eBay “feels” is valuable.

Third thing is making sure the soundtrack is complete. Sometimes it’s only a front cover and a cd, other times they have stickers, posters and so on.

Let’s review, the 3 things I look for when buying soundtracks is:

1) Is it original? (Does it have a logo from the company like Enix, Squaresoft, Digicube, Konami, Capcom etc… even if the seller says it’s original it means original game music NOT original by production!!)

2) The price. (Is it over priced, just because it’s high doesn’t mean it’s worth that)

3) Is it complete? (Does it come with inserts, maps, stickers if any)

All this requires some sort of research. If you’re going to pay over $50 for a soundtrack, make sure it’s original, and complete. I’ve taken most of my watchlist and I added some random soundtracks. I purposely added some bootlegs for you to find the difference, so can YOU FIND THE FAKES?

Zelda Complete Gold Collection 11 Disk Soundtrack OST. So here is an example of a GREAT soundtrack collection. It’s got all the Zelda games put into this limited edition, professional looking box limited to 5000 copies. Official right? Wrong… It’s a fan made bootleg compiling all the soundtracks into one box. A great idea and if you’re just looking to listen to them this is a great find. Does it hold value? Not really. Yes it will fetch a price of maybe 50-100 if not more but like the Castlevania bootlegs, these will lose their charm. Castlevania had thier bootleg collection similar to this one(maybe it’s the same guy) but soon after Konami came out with an official release of the entire Castlevania collection soundtrack which pretty much demolished the bootlegs. So as the test this was to show that even if it looks nice, even if it has a “serial” it can still be fake.


World of Warcraft Lich King Soundtrack

StarCraft II Star Craft 2 Wings of Liberty SOUNDTRACK !


Final Fantasy Lot VIII, IX, VII Soundtrack, XII, PS2 1

SQEX/Star Ocean: The Second Story Arrange Soundtrack,CD

Sam & Max Season One Soundtrack NEW Unopened

Konami/Twinbee RPG Original Soundtrack,CD

NiGHTS into dreams PERFECT ALBUM Sega Soundtrack 3 CD’s

Secret of Mana SNES Original Soundtrack

Quest for Glory (Coll Series) (PC Games) + Soundtrack

Castlevania Akumajo Dracula 1.2.3 NES soundtrack CD

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  • Riku
    Jul 25, 2010

    Very informative post for those who don’t know the difference between origianl soundtracks and fakes. That Legend of Zelda soundtrack is pretty funny 🙂 I mean it’s good for the fan who wants all the music in one package….

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