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Video Game Soundtracks, Stickers, and Signed Nobuo Uematsu Poster

I have some cool stickers up for auction today, some new, some old. As a collector I can appreciate the rare sticker set when I see one. Although most are common, the ones that come to mind are the ones that are released with a soundtrack or game. Although hard to find you do have the seldom few on eBay who sell them from Japan.

Game soundtracks are a must for any VG addict. I can say I have over 50 soundtracks if not more in my collection. Here are some auctions, not buy it now, video game soundtracks. I will only buy it now if it’s worth it, not if it’s a fake(Look for Fake video game soundtracks on this site).

Lastly a Nobuo Uematsu autograph on his Distant Worlds 2 poster. His autograph is one of the few that are inconsistent. He can write an autograph in English alphabet or in Japanese. I’ve seen a few that were written in english and a few in Japanese. I prefer the latter and here is a chance to win one for $80. This seller had this auction up before, and to my suprise no one bid. If I had extra cash around I would definately buy this but my collectible budget is overboard this month.

Click here Distant Worlds II Final Fantasy Signed Poster Uematsu


Professor Layton DS Stickers

Donkey Kong and Pac-man stickers 1982

VTG Double Dragon Stickers 1988

Official Nintendo Sticker Album 1988

Super Mario Galaxy 2 Collectible Sticker Sheet

Gears of War PAX 2010 promo sticker


Super Mario 64 Nintendo original soundtrack

Resident evil 3 Nemesis Soundtrack New

Castlevania Dracula X Remixes Soundtrack Umm this is super cool, and it’s original by KONAMI.

Final Fantasy VII 7 Reunion Tracks Soundtrack

Strider / Strider 2 OST Soundtrack Complete

Chrono Trigger Promo Soundtrack

Silent Hill Home Coming Soundtrack

CLICK HERE to buy this!

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