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Video Game Statues RARE on eBay!!!

Wow what an awesome array of VG statues, I’m so going to bid on a few of these. Unique and rare you can’t complain when it comes to the Metroid Phazon Suit statue. The arm has a crack but it was a clean crack and glued back on skillfully without compromising the mechanism so basically doesn’t look like it was cracked. The lights still glow and for $99 bucks starting or buy it now for $159.99 you CANNOT COMPLAIN. The Serge also has some flaws but at $90 bucks come on now, it’s not even noticeable.

Let’s GO:

Click here Samus Phazon Suit First4figures Flawed Statue

Click here Chrono Cross Serge Statue (some damage)

Click here Resident Evil 3: Nemisis Bust Statue *1/3500 made RARE*

CLICK HERE to buy this!

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  • Kenji
    Sep 19, 2010

    Dammit I wanted to buy that Samus Phazon Suit statue and it sold!! F$%@#*&

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