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Video Game Swords – Heros and Villains

There’s something stylish about a hero in a video game walking around a town or dungeon confidently with his trusted sword within reach. The flip-side is the feeling of dread when a video game villain takes out his sword with full intent on using it! Swords are also amazing to fight with in most games because they can be used both for offense and defense… In short, if a game has swords in it; it’s probably good.

Here are a few replicas of some video game swords made in all sizes:

Devil May Cry 4 – Red Queen 1:1 Replica

World of Warcraft – Frostmourne 1:1 Latex Replica

World of Warcraft – Frostmourne 1:1 Steel Replica

Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess – Soundtrack With Minitature Sword and Shield

Dragon Warrior – Erdick’s Sword

Final Fantasy VII – Buster Sword Keychain

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