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Video Game Valentine Cards

Valentines Day is right around the corner and it’s time to list some Video Game Valentine Cards! Not much out there, but maybe some of you haven’t seen these cards before. Why would gamers collect Valentine Cards you say? Well, it’s really the message that is written on the cards. For example one of the LOZ cards shows a big Gold Dungeon Key, and underneath is says, “Here’s the Key to my Heart!“. 😎

I wonder what the school girls were thinking when they received these cards…

Street Fighter II Valentine Cards
1989 Super Mario Bros 3 Valentine Cards
Sonic the Hedgehog 1994 Valentine Cards
Super Mario Bros 1988/1989 Valentine Cards
1989 Legend of Zelda Valentine Cards

Other Video Game Auctions:
Common, I can’t just leave you guys out with other neat collectibles.

Disney Epic Mickey Lot – Nice lot of Epic Mickey merchandise(minus the Steamboat Willie Mickey Mouse).
Official Epic Mickey Hat – Nice design on the hat
SLY 2 Signed Box by the Suckerpunch team – Thanks **Joseph!
1981 Donkey Kong Swing Seat – If you’re thinking the same thing I’m thinking, how big is this thing? It’s obviously for kids, but I’m curious haha. Still pretty neat to see a seat with Donkey Kong’s face on it. No bids yet!
Good Luck!

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  • Joseph
    Jan 29, 2011

    HAHA! It’s kinda’ funny, usually guys try not to associate video games into there dating lives. Well, at least I do :/ ……………I better stop talking right now.

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