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Video Life – The Rarest Atari 2600 Game in the World

This game is extremely rare. It was never sold in stores and was only available to people who already owned Magicard (a programming tool for the Atari). The game was offered to these select people via mail order. It’s rumored that 500 were made and not all of them went out. It’s also not crazy to assume that the few copies that were shipped aren’t all still in circulation. You can imagine some parents around the world just tossing these out thinking they are just toys!

Anyway, it’s not exactly a game. It’s a life simulator that has a core A.I. which reacts to the users input on the controller. I’ve never played it, but I’ve heard that the creatures grow and spread across the screen in complex random designs. Parts die while others grow and divide. It’s actually quite impressive for the age in which it was made. Kinda like an Atari version of Dreamcast’s Seaman game lol. This ultra rare cartridge is available on eBay and can be found through the link below (the seller is taking offers as well).

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