Video – Super Patato Walkthough (-Mr), Akihabara, Tokyo, Japan Retro Nintendo Store

One of my dream trips would be to visit Japan. In particularly I would love to visit Tokyo and have a look at the Super Potato retro Video Game Shop! For those who don’t know,  The Super Potato shops are specialized in used video games and has gained a lot of exposure to North American through the net. Hundreds of blogs have featured this specialty shop and I believe the most popular shop is behind the central Chuo-Dori street in Akihabara. The Akihabara News Blog wrote a great article here which is a great read. Also, for some great photos click here from the Dannychoo website.

Anyhow, Super Potato has been on my list for many years now and it would be an awesome experience to go down and visit the store on a cool summer night, head to the third floor to hit the retro arcades, and the stroll through the store checking out the retro games (some which I never has a clue existed!). I found a great video of someone who had the same idea as me; to take a video tour of Super Potato in Akihabara. Check out the video below!

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