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Vindictus Red Wolf Spirit Hood – E3 2010 Collectible

For those who followed E3, you probably heard of a game called Vindictus. It is a Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game(MMORPG).

GameSpy says “Vindictus is a fast action MMORPG built on Valve’s Source engine that offers unprecedented freedom of motion and smooth flowing combat unlike anything ever experienced in a free-to-play MMORPG. Use anything and everything to battle against your foes and work with your allies to fulfill the prophecy and bring Erinn to reality.

I’ve never been into MMO game’s simply because of the time you need to invest in these games. With a snap of a finger you can see your whole day go…. But some people don’t mind this at all. Really, if you’re enjoying yourself thats all that matters.


For those of you who are preparing for this MMO, you might find this “Vindictus Red Wolf Spirit Hood” interesting! Only 500 exist.

The seller of this Wolf Spirit Hood says this:

“For the first Nexon appearance at E3 this year, they commissioned 500 Spirit Hoods to be custom made and distributed to a very select batch of attendees. Promoting their new MMO game, Vindictus, this Red Wolf costume features open pockets that can be worn as gloves. The material is very fury and very soft, and has only been worn for the purposes of modeling for this auction. This item is brand new and an ultra rare collectible for fans of MMOs and Vindictus.”


Just to double check, I visited Vindictus’ Website. At the Vindictus booth, they’ve been giving away a bunch of free swag and these “Wolf Spirit Hoods”. Although there isn’t any mention of how many were given out, since this was only exclusive at E3 I believe not many were made. This auction that ended for $160 also says it was limited. If this game ends up hitting it big, these collectible Wolf Spirit Hood’s can be worth a lot in the near future….

Click here for Vindictus Red Wolf Spirit Hood – E3 2010 Collectible – There is 11 hrs left and it’s at $152.49.

Vindictus E3 Trailer:

CLICK HERE to buy this!

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