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Vintage Atari Signs, Medal, Bioshock 2 Record, and Pants in a Can!

From Atari through Nintendo to modern day releases, the following items have it all. I would like to point out the Atari promo signs however. You will read more below, but I just have to mention how shocked I was by the condition. They are great collectibles and are going for basically nothing… Are they fake? No… they aren’t. Plus, none of them have ever been used. Not only that, but the titles are big as well. If I had not lost my Atari 2600 collection in the past, these signs would be sold already… My current Atari collection is sad compared to what once was.

Tempest Hanging Sign – Tempest is a great game for the age. You get a great feeling of risk which drives the action. Great game.

Breakout Hanging Sign – A pure classic. I love the old style sci-fi painted image lol.

Yars’ Revenge Hanging Sign – Yars’ Revenge was probably the most common title amongst the collection of Atari games my friends and I had. I’m not sure why because we all loved it well after we had it.

Resident Evil PC Poster – This really stands out. Remember when Resident Evil the Director’s Cut was released in North America and everyone couldn’t understand why the severed hand was still cut out from the intro?! Well check this out… above and beyond.

Dragon Quest 25th Anniversary Coin – Still in the original package, this coin comes with a very cool coin pouch. Pure awesome.

Bioshock 2 Record – There’s a very weak side to this auction to the seller’s fault. They decided to post an image of the record that isn’t theirs on top of their own. They do hold a real sealed record, but the top image is from IGN.

Game & Watch Parachute Key Ring – How cool is this? Game & Watch key chain. Boredom impossible.

Nintendo Playing Cards – Never opened, and so, no pictures taken of the cards. I have honestly not seen the face of these cards. Any readers know what they are like?

Xbox 360 Pants in a Can! – I don’t know what it is about the words, “pants in a can”… but, I can’t stop laughing. Think about it… pants in a can… lol. Who will be the owner of the pants in a can!?

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  • Riku
    Nov 09, 2011

    Damn Akira, I’ve never seen that Resident Evil poster before. Now you got me contemplating if I should hit the buy it now or not. Thanks 😉

  • Joseph
    Nov 09, 2011

    All the stuff that guy dukeferris has impresses me, I’ve been watching him slowly list off tons of rare collectibles for awhile. He recently listed that Windwaker Hourglass, and a Windwaker Scroll.

    BTW that poster is pretty……violent.

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