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Vintage Nintendo Merchandise

Back in the 80’s, Nintendo went a bit crazy with merchandising. They knew kids were getting into gaming and everyone was talking about Mario. You might be surprised with some of the things that turned up. Every auction here is from seller 8bitthumbs. Their collection of Nintendo merch is pretty interesting.

Full Set of Pins – This is a full set of Nintendo pins and they are all sealed to their original cards. The price is higher than you may expect per pin, but this is the full set.

Super Mario Bros Leather Belt – It’s a bit worn and the color is cracked a bit. Still, the price makes sense.

Super Mario Bros Plastic Tablecover – This is just one part of an entire birthday party set up themed to Super Mario Bros. There’s also party invites, cups, and some of those curled paper blower things that would always break lol.

Super Mario Bros Sticker Book – The stickers are all intact and the book is in great shape.

Super Mario Bros Activity Book – Weee, an activity book! lol, this book is also in near mint condition.

Nintendo Power Folder – This caught my eye because Link and Mario are side by side. Pretty cool

Legend of Zelda Hat – Man, this brings back memories. Anyone used to have one of these?

Punch Out Mini Pinball – Punch Out doesn’t really translate well to these mini pinball games, but I still want it. It’s sealed but the card is pretty worn.

Nintendo Power Zelda Wallet – This wallet is still sealed and the color has done well through time without fading.

Zelda II Link Figure – I’ve seen this loose before but this is the first time I’ve seen it still sealed.

Super Mario Bros Ball Dart Game (Sealed) – What’s a dart ball game? It’s one of those target games where you throw balls wrapped in velcro. The target is made of a material to make the ball stick to the target. This set is factory sealed.

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