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Vintage Pac-Man Chairs, Nintendo Power Club T-Shirt, Exclusive Zelda Coin and More!

I wanted to highlight a really cool Nintendo Power t-shirt, something I’ve never seen before. Perhaps many have popped up in the past but nothing I’ve stumbled upon. Here’s the description from the auction:

When I was a kid I had a subscription to Nintendo power magazine. It was a simpler time ūüôā To the best of my memory¬†I was in grade 4 , which would mean it was 1989. So that is when I think I got the shirt. It’s possible that I’m off by a year¬†or two but I’m pretty sure it was 1989. It was unusual back then for my parents to order anything for me let along from a¬†magazine, but they ordered the shirt out of the Nintendo Power magazine. I was so excited when it came but alas I was a¬†fat kid and it didn’t fit me even though it says xl. So it went into the closet and it stayed there for 26 years. It has either¬†never been washed or it may have been washed once about 10 years ago to get the dust off it.

It’s like brand new, has held up very well, it’s a heavy feeling material, the printing on the screen looks brand new.¬†Around the collar there are a couple frayed stitches in one spot where the purple lining is sewn to the black shirt, but it’s still held together.¬†I think it’s likely how the shirt came. As well under both cuffs in the same spot there are two thread ends I believe, where the thread¬†wasn’t trimmed.¬†It never fit so I never wore it. I did a search on google and ebay, I can’t find any pictures of it, I would think it must be rare if it was order from the magazine only, and around 25 years old. How many are in existence¬†that have never been worn?

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Good luck!

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