Donkey Kong Everything Limited Edition Merchandise Metroid Namco Pacman Posters Signed Statues Store Displays Super Mario Bros. T-Shirts Watch

Vintage Space Invaders T-Shirt, Pac-Man Arcade Original Flyers Framed, Nintendo Employee Super Mario World Watch

Here’s a nice mix to look through today. If you collect gaming t-shirts I doubt you own many that are over 30 years old (and if you do, link some pictures because you’re awesome lol). The first auction listed is for a Space Invaders t-shirt from 81′.

Vintage Space Invaders T-Shirt – Print dated Taito 1981.

Playstation Sign – Official 36″ store display sign.

PS1 Original Release Promo Sticker

Playstation Employee Clock – Given to employees after 5 years of service.

Metroid Samus Aran Exclusive Edition First 4 Figure Phazon Suit – #536 of 1500

Star Fox Super Weekend Cart – Selling to the highest bidder in 2 days.

Nintendo of America Employee Super Mario World Watch

King of Kong a Fistful of Quarters Theater Poster Signed by Steve Wiebe

Pac-Man Original Flyers Framed – Not worth the asking price but it would make a classy addition to any game room.


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