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Virtuality Machine, Plant VS Zombie Statues, Nintendo Die-Cuts and More

Have any of you ever heard of the Virtuality Machine? It was a line of virtual reality gaming machines that were released privately in the early 90’s, and made it’s way into the video arcades in the late 90’s. Produced by Virtuality Group, the machines deliver real time gaming through a stereoscopic visor, and handheld joysticks. These machines also provided excellent multiplayer capabilities through games like boxing.

Virtuality Gaming Machine Pods

Here’s a video for Ghost Train:

Other Auctions:
There’s not a lot of official stuff for Plant VS Zombies except for the PVC figures from PopCap, but I thought these unofficial statues are really cool, and pretty accurate to the heroes of the game :). Statues are 10 inches high!
Plants vs Zombies Statue WALNUT
Plants vs Zombies Statue SUNFLOWER

Authentic Signed Sega CD Bundle Charity Auction – Charity auction. “This is a bundle package including a signed Sega Genesis, Sega CD, a copy of Castlevania Bloodlines (game is not signed), AND a signed Sega Genesis Controller given to me for this auction from James Rolfe’s personal collection
Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess Wii Standee – Seller lowered the price. It’s in good shape and if you don’t have this standee you better act fast. These TP standees don’t appear as often as they use too.
Nintendo 64 Promo Bag Case
1990 FINCK Nintendo Super Mario Bros. Die-Cut Set – I did some searching for this and couldn’t find any info. Nonetheless, these are pretty neat and the price isn’t bad.

CLICK HERE to buy this!


  • Joseph
    Feb 06, 2011

    Wow, they chargerd over $1,000 for one rental?!? Who would do that?

  • Kenji
    Feb 06, 2011

    Ya I know, I said the same thing. Must have been a corporate party or something cheesy like that.

    I saw the plants vs zombies figures before. Although unofficial they’re still pretty cool and very accurate. That makes me want to play it now.

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