Arcade Japan Import Mega Man Nintendo (NES) Vectrex 1

Wacky Races JP Import, Laseractive lot, Cheap Caltron and More

I just realized I have a bunch of items in my watch list ending within a day or two so I thought I would make a post to inform you hardcore collectors out there. There are some nice items ending soon such as the Wacky Races Japanese Import.

Wacky Races Import

A lot of PS1 Japanese games prove to be big collector items such as Radiant Silvergun. But another hard-to-find Japanese import game is Wacky Races. Because of it’s scarcity, this rare game is big money for gamers who collect Japanese Playstation games.

Currently there’s 11hrs left with 63 bidders. It’s fetching some big bucks right now. Click here for Wacky Races

Pioneer Laserdisc CLD A100 Lot


I only had one friend that owned a Laserdisc CLD A1000. I remember the Canadian TV show “Video & Arcade Top 10” were giving these out to contests at one point. This was a really unique system and one of the games I use to play with my friend was Ghost Rush! I was only able to find the intro to the game on youtube, but you can see how much fun it was!

This auction includes:

-CLD A100 Laserdisc Player
-Karaoke Player Module
-Sega Game Player Module
-Multiple Large Discs – Fantasia, I Will, Space Berserker, RocketCoaster, Hi Roller Battle, Pyramid Patrol, Ghost Rush, Great -Pyramid.
-A few Small Discs
-2 Controllers
-1 Remote Control

You can place a bid here for the Laserdisc CLD A100.

Tron Original Arcade Video Game

Tron Arcade

When I added this auction to my watch list, I didn’t think that with 19hrs left it would only be at $250! Anyone living in California has this great opportunity to snatch a Tron arcade for cheap! You would think with the remake of Tron coming out in December would create a demand for vintage Tron collectibles. But then again this is an arcade machine and shipping will probably be more than the closing price!

Tron Original Arcade Here!

Other Rare Auctions:

Caltron 6 in 1 NES Nintendo cartridge$60 only, with 1 day left is not bad at all.

20 Rare Vectrex Games, 3 Hand Controllers & orginal Box – I haven’t seen a Vectrex lot in such great condition!

Everything MEGA MAN Lot! – Literally own everything Mega Man …. in games….

CLICK HERE to buy this!

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