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Wii U Promos, Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword Mini Weapons, StarCraft T-Shirt

Here’s a quick list of auctions to check out. The most interesting for me personally would be the mini Zelda weapons. The Japanese Super Mario Bros deluxe pencil case would have been really nice if it was not only intact but never used! Close but no such luck. The Gex plush is pretty cool as well.

StarCraft T-Shirt with Game – Calling this t-shirt from 1998 “vintage” really makes me feel old.
Super Mario Bros Deluxe Pencil Case (JP)
Metal Gear Solid Snow Globe
Ms Pac-Man Beach Towel
Nintendo Wii U Promo Brochure Cube
Gex 3 Plush
Ask Me About Wii U Pin – Even haters could have fun wearing this.
Super Mario Bros Legend of Zelda Twin Sheet Set
Mario Link and Donkey Kong Candy Dispensers – All 3 blister packs sealed

Skyward Sword Mini Weapons:
Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword Mini Weapons – Gust Bellows
Legend of Zelda Mini Weapons – Link Hylian Shield
Legend of Zelda Mini Weapons – Link’s Master Sword

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