Factory Sealed Halo Limited Edition Nintendo (NES) Promotional Items Signed Statues Store Displays The Legend Of Zelda 5

Wild Gunman VGA, Zelda Collectibles, Machinarium LP and More!

Good morning VGA readers. Today’s post will be quick as I’ve got plenty of appointments today so no time to give too much detail for the auctions but I will do the best I can. Below you’ll have some typical auctions but still considered rare, and you’ll have the Wild Gunman VGA rated and the price isn’t friendly. Check out the Machinarium LP which is really cool. I bought a bunch of them a year ago, really cool soundtrack and even cooler to listen to on an record player. Let’s Go!

Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time 3DS Store Display Standee Link – A tad expensive but will be a collector’s item down the road. These don’t show up as often as they use to. A nice standee to have for the Zelda collector.

The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time Link Statue Figure E3 Promo – This is currently on auction. One of the rarer Zelda statues and it was from e3. It’s a desired statue for any Zelda collector. There is no reserve.

Legend of Zelda Darunia Statue (Sold Out) – These statues always get sold out when released from first4figures. It’s a matter of time before these start going up in price. Very nice Darunia Statue.

RARE Luigi’s Mansion Nintendo Power Figure Sealed – This is pricey, up there with the Nintendo Power Metroid but the Metroid is more sought after. This is on auction right now but starting at a high price.

Nintendo Power – “Get With It” Binder / Trapper Keeper – 1989 – Cool retro binder from Nintendo power dating back to 1989.

32 Nintendo Power Super Power Club Trading Cards – Love these trading cards and they are all still intact, never removed. You have a bunch of them here and it’s on auction, no fixed price or reserve.

Darksiders Rare Exclusive Hard to find Death Pen – Cool darksiders death pen promo comes with box and is in tip top shape. Again this is pretty high in price and it’s a BIN at $500.

“Gauntlet Legends” ULTRA RARE PROMO SOLID – Cool promo for the Gauntlet fans and collectors. Was on of the hottest arcade games back in the day, this is for the Atari. Buy it now price is at $499.

MACHINARIUM VINYL SOUNDTRACK LIMITED – Love this soundtrack, they are part of a limited run and comes with a nice insert. The sound is crisp because it’s LP. They never made a CD version of this. Good price.

Nintendo NES Wild Gunman – VGA 95 Gold – Highest Graded Black Box In Existence – Beyond rare, however the price is a down payment for a new home. Buyer had it VGA rated and it’s a 95!

Halo: Reach countdown display Xbox 360 – Submitted by Matt, it’s a Halo Reach countdown clock. Cool little promo advertising they did. Love these clocks that create urgency to buy.

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  • AP
    Jun 07, 2012

    I guess someone preferred a game over a house, Wild Gunman sold for $50K! Amazing how far NES collecting has come.

  • Joseph
    Jun 07, 2012

    Holy cow! If that’s true, it’s now the highest price ever paid for a single video game!!!

  • luigi mansion
    Jun 08, 2012

    I HIGHLY DOUBT that game was purchased at 50k. It wouldnt make sense first of all, and second of all not even a monkey is that dumb to purchase a 50k game that doesnt even have that sorta value. the auction is being played with by the seller to add preceived value to something that has no value. wild gunman? common now girls and boys who the hell would pauy that for a mediocre game. not evfe n the gold nintendo cartirage gets that

  • AP
    Jun 08, 2012

    Luigi, a few days ago on the grey NWC auction you said you didn’t believe in ebay conspiracies. Your words: “Please give proof of your claims otherwise you are just making the seller look bad because he has a nintendo champion cart and you don’t.”

    So where’s your proof? Who’s jealous now?

  • Kenji
    Jun 08, 2012

    Let’s not antagonize please, thank you 🙂

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