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William Kage SNES Music HALFONT 2

We all have dreamed about creating NES and SNES music at one point in our gaming lives. Well William Kage has made it reality, and into an art form. By taking classics like Final Fantasy 2, Chrono Trigger, Earth Bound, Final Fantasy 3 and so many more, he’s been able to create sounds that literally take you into a time machine back to the 90s when SNES was in it’s prime. The sounds give me shivers as if I’m playing a new game in 1994 on a Saturday. Check out William Kage at www.WilliamKage.com.

When I first found tracks made by Wiliam Kage I was so impressed I immediately went and bought 2 HalFont box sets that came with a World Map, SNES instructions and a game cart(SO COOL). When it was announced that Halfont 2 will be released with new awesome tracks, I was super excited. Well look what I just got in the mail :)I decided to set it up on a classic pinball machine and display all the goodies. This is a HalFont 2 box set which includes art cards, classic SNES inserts, a Halfont 2 manual, a World Map, a HalFont 2 Poster, and a game cart. I mean talk about being spoiled. The price is so rediculously low you’d be a fool not to pick one up. A box set goes for $30 ONLY!! Buy one before it goes out of stock like the first HalFont.

Click here to get your copy: William Kage HALFONT 2 Box Set

If for whatever reason you can’t budget $30 for this incredible box set, you can always pick up just the CD or the digital download here. Also, don’t forget to tip the artist at the bottom of the page. Remember guys and gals, we’re supporting music that’s close to our hearts, and you know I don’t often make posts like this or tell people to buy something just like that unless it’s ultra cool. I really enjoy this music a lot, and want to share it with those who haven’t found these tracks yet as I know a lot of SNES collectors come to VGA. There’s also a cool addition to the store which is the “Garage Sale” section where you can buy complete copies of SNES titles like Final Fantasy 3 and Secret of Evermore, or if you’re missing the Mario RPG manual you can get it there. So sit back, kick up your feet, and enjoy the nostalgic sounds of William Kage SNES music(this is exactly what I am doing right now!).












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