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Wishful Thinking Auctions, Pikmin Figures, Touching is Good DS Hand and More!

Goooood morrrrnnning Vieeeetnaaaam!! – Robin Williams.

It’s been a while since I wrote a long, meaningful post as life gets in the way and as you get older you have more responsibilities. But sometimes it’s good to write down whatever is on your mind, and in this case for all good purposes. I just took a glimpse at the highest priced auctions today just to see what cool items are on the top of the list. Not necessarily to buy anything as I don’t think I’ll spend $20,000 for an Xenoblade Chronicles Wii VGA100 game. I mean think about it, $20,000? I don’t understand the logic behind this. I would side with the seller if he put maybe $1000 (ask a ridiculous high price and then accept best offer) but $20,000 doesn’t make sense now, or even in 50 years.

You can still go to your corner store and fetch a brand new sealed copy that could probably get VGA90+. So why the $20,000? Only the seller can explain. My assumption (since the seller’s been around a long time) is that it has nothing to do with trying to accept the best price for high return (for this particular game). Zero. It has to do everything with marketing; marketing his store and his inventory. So he probably decided to put up Xenoblade Chronicles that’s a decent game but not entirely in demand for ebayers like us. We are the ones that go to ebay and see whats the highest priced collectible out there. It’s like those marketing ads that don’t make sense but makes you stop and look at it because it got your attention. So in our minds we are probably thinking, “Why would the seller price this regular, easily obtainable game for $20k when I can get it in 90+ condition for $100?”. Well, that’s exactly it. For you to think that means the seller has done half of his job. Now he’s hoping you’ll click on his name, go through his store and actually stumble upon “desirable games” like a brand new Super Mario Bros. NES Sealed VGA $9000 game and think to yourself, “Well, if he’s selling some regular joe schmoe game at $20,000, but selling THE ORIGINAL Super Mario Bros. game at $9000 then it’s definitely a steal!!”.

The fact is that collectors don’t have $9000 to spend on a sealed VGA game. For those who think they can spend that to make a profit in 2 years time or sometime in the future would be making the biggest mistake in their life. This site was created to keep the regular collector informed and although we know you’re not that gullible to believe such a trend is possible, I’m telling you DON’T DO IT! VGA games have gone down in value over the years because the bubble already popped. About 2-3 years ago I can understand why people were spending thousands on a regular VGA sealed game. But now collectors who spent that much finally realized that the only person who was willing to pay that price was them. I see it all the time on eBay; people buying VGA games only to resell them thinking it was a very good investment. NOPE. I know I’d never do something like that but in case there’s someone reading this who was actually considering spending thousands on a VGA game as an investment, please think otherwise. I don’t want you to get burned in the end. With that said, here are some of the “wishful thinking auctions” that don’t make sense in price, but I guess are cool to look at. Don’t worry, I also did a search for auctions that affordable :).

Wishful Thinking Auctions:
NWC PACKAGE badges controller #1 graded VGA repro shell collectors rare
Xenoblade Chronicles (Nintendo Wii) NEW SEALED VGA U100! GEM MINT PERFECT GRAIL!
Virtual Boy System w/26 Games! ALL BUT 2 ARE COMPLETE! 13 NEW Japanese Games
PS2 Linux Beta Release 1 VGA Gold 90 only ONE graded in the world!

And now the affordable auctions for your pleasant viewing:
Rare Video Game Auctions:
Kingdom Hearts 3D Dream Drop Distance Sora Play Arts Kai Figure SIGNED – Thanks Justin!
SDCC 2014 Exclusive Kingdom Hearts 2.5 ReMIX Poster / Art Print SIGNED by Nomura– Thanks Justin!
WaveRace Blue Storm promotional bath towel-Nintendo Game Boy Advance press item
Capcom Puzzle World promotional Rubik’s Cube. – Puzzle Fighter, Buster Bros
Touching is Good” Nintendo DS promotional mannequin hand
Nintendo Club Nintendo Mario Party card set
Sony PS4 Passport PAX Prime 2013 Limited Edition Numbered of 2000
Ultra Rare 1982 Nintendo Donkey Kong Coffee Cup Mug Marked Grindley England MINT
Pikmin 2 Collection Figure Series 2, Normal Set 71 piece Nintendo Agatsuma
Pikmin 2 collection figure 3,complete Set 39 piece set Nintendo Agatsuma
1993 Nintendo GAME BOY bubble gum And Trading Card, case Unopened
Gears of War Retro Lancer Replica – Sellers tend to go with the “sex sells” strategy where they take a cute, pretty girl holding the item they are selling and hoping that someone will fall in love with the girl/buy the item on impulse. She is cute though 😉
Official Resident Evil Biohazard Albert Wesker Watch GSX GXS031 S.T.A.R.S CAPCOM
Snes Super scope 6 in box

Good luck!

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