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World of Nintendo Instant Collection, Nintendo Christmas Candle, Chip ‘N Dale: Rescue Rangers 2 and More!

Not sure how many of you have stumbled on this World of Nintendo Instant Collection auction, but mostly likely you started to drool like me after viewing the first couple of pictures. I have to say that the room looks like something that was pulled out of a late 80’s early 90’s Nintendo Power magazine. There was always a typical kid playing his NES in a room full of Nintendo memorabilia and this auction is no exception. You got vintage Mario clocks, a couple of Mario hanging pillows, some awesome neon signs and cool posters. Definitely an awesome lot and the price isn’t bad at all considering how rare some of those signs are. Actually by taking a second look you’re getting your money’s worth.

Seller says: “Up for Auction! “WE HAVE NINTENDO”! haha! This is by far one of the most astonishing collections you will ever see!So many iconic pieces of Nintendo history, all like New,or actually New or just GEM MINT at minimum!ALSO! this is not all of it! way too many pics to fit in an auction listing! you can see it all plus upgrades ive been getting here though Link:CAN BE ASKED FOR!!! With this collection comes so many great rare items,even one of a kinds!the Display case IS INCLUDED and is a 1988 NES/Sears cabinet WHICH! i just acquired the rare World of Nintendo marquee for, which can be seen on the link above!Many rare signs are included too,some of which you will NEVER see up for auction including the illusive M-35T! i only know of 3 in existence!Also,the big attraction!….A New in Box Nintendo New York Test-Market R.O.B. the robot set,all still new and 100% un-used! this is the set that started it all!still factory packed!!! the serial number is low in the 50,000’s at 50,980… is a common mis-conception that the NY sets stop at 50,000 BUT the New York times from 1986 says other-wise and a tune of 92,000 out 100,000 were sold out of New York for the test market and im inclined to believe it do to the fact i purchased it in “New York” and the original owner was a rep at sears there.there is just SOOOOOOO much here to mention so just ask ANY QUESTIONS you can!THIS IS A CASH ONLY LOCAL PICK UP AUCTION ONLY there is no way to ship this volume of frail rare item”

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Good luck!

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  • Thessalya
    Aug 03, 2013

    this auction is not intended as BIN 3000$. The seller states that this is a “good and very high offer only” auction.

  • kenji
    Aug 03, 2013

    Yeah now I see that.

  • Joseph
    Aug 03, 2013

    Yeah, that’s a very weird way to do an auction :/. Why not just list it at a higher price? Then have a best offer option? In the description the seller sounded frustrated with Ebay’s listing tools. I guess it’s difficult for beginners to figure out all that stuff. I should know, I’ve been helping my sister recently with selling stuff on Ebay. I’m second guessing that now since she’s always asking me dumb Ebay related questions 🙁 ……. haha, jk :).

    Anyways, not to mention that the listing is also against Ebay’s policies. He’s basically wanting people not to buy the item on Ebay… so he won’t get pegged for the fees… but has cheap worldwide advertising.

  • kenji
    Aug 04, 2013

    Yeah in the old days someone would have bought this a.s.a.p and only seen after that it wasn’t the case. I knew it was too good to be true. It’s a collection worth minimum 10k in book value. Market value may be between $6000-$9000 if it were to go on regular auction, and assuming he/she is selling it world wide. When I saw the price, believe me, I was almost tempted to buy now and just drive down to pick he damn stuff up. Only thing would be letting the people at the border know that it’s just toys valued no more than $400. Then they would ask why I drove down just to pick up Mario toys which understandably would look very shady, and as they’re searching my car and have hundreds of Mario eyes staring back at them, I would think holy shit what if they think drugs are involved?

  • Thessalya
    Aug 05, 2013

    haha.. that comment made me laugh 🙂 But true!

  • kingkoop
    Sep 07, 2013

    Lmao! “Market value may be between $6000-$9000”
    ^yeah right, this collections worth well over 50 Grand!
    id know…im the “owner” >;)
    i haven’t even been able to finish cataloging the collection do to the fact its in storage at the moment and will be for the next month or so,but what i got for the most part adds up to about $50,000 and im only about 2/3rds done cataloging.
    alot of stuff there you just wont find anywhere else, lots of sealed and minty cib rare items,one of a kind items, signs and promos,posters ect…ect…
    so im just extorting that for my future child on the way 😉

    no low-ball offer will obtain this collection,we are more than happy just keeping such a historical treasure trove. the kid will love it! its his birth right…but if someone will put a big dent in the funding for raising him by buying the collection,i maybe up for that 😉 lol

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