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Xbox 360 Faceplate Wall Clock

Here is something you don’t see every day on ebay, an XBOX 360 Faceplate Wall Clock! You’ll never miss the time with this on your wall. I have to admit, it’s pretty clever of the seller to use Xbox 360 faceplate’s as the “time” indicator.

Now the problem is the size of this thing. Unless you have an empty wall and are looking to do something with it, you’ll end up getting yelled at by either your parents, girlfriend, fiancee or wife 🙁 . I do have to admit, this would be pretty awesome in your game room.

Seller says:”What you are bidding on is a unique, one of a kind, creation.The ultimate game room / game store addition.This is a functioning wall clock comprised of Xbox 360 faceplates.Clock actually keeps very good time.Most of these faceplates are very rare and hard to come by now, not to mention some are very expensive.I have this mounted on the wall of my store which I am closing.Everything shown would be included (Madden 08 faceplate included, not shown)




(a new box of wall anchors will be included)
Everything will have to be taken off the wall and very carefully packed hence the long handling time. (5 days)

Note: I do NOT have the pattern I used to mount the faceplates, but once you mount the clock, positioning the faceplates should be easy.

Lastly: This auction is as much to gage buyers interest as well as my own in selling it.I will not let this go cheap, so I will not sell unless bidding hits an amount worth my parting with it.If you live somewhat close, I may even be willing to come help install it.

I’ve added all the pictures from the auction below so check out the different faceplates being offered.

Click here for XBOX 360 Faceplate Wall Clock

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