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Xbox Limited Edition Launch Console and More!

I got another short list of buy-it-now’s which means I’ll need to do some fresh searches for the next couple of days. In the mean time I’ve got some rare and interesting auctions. The first auction is for the Game Boy Advance Glacier store display which is only at $5! It’s in perfect condition and would look nice in your collection. Check out the other auctions I got:

Video Game Auctions:
Game Boy Advance Glacier Store Display
Final Fantasy 9 Vivi & Nintendo Bowser Pre-order Plush
Nintendo Powerplay Saturday Necklance – Found another necklace but the tin box is not in the best condition…
Sonic the Hedgehog Bobble Head
XBOX 360 Promo Trucker Hat – I love trucker hats 🙂
Xbox Limited Edition Launch Console – This was limited to only 50 in the world. Seller says:” This is a Microsoft Xbox’s Dream come true. The extremely rare and almost impossible to find Xbox launch limited edition console. All I can say is look for this unit on the market and try to find one. It has Bill Gates signature and was only produced in limited quantities. I have had many questions about this unit on my website. If you are in the market to complete your collection, then this is your chance!!!! Buy it now while it is still available.”

R-Type Madou Gokin RWF-9A Arrow Head MODEL – sick model…
Old School SONY PlayStation Large Stickers – Seller has best-offer!
Microsoft XBOX Rubik’s Cube Promo – this is pretty cool
Okami Amaterasu Polystone Statue – I don’t know if it’s me but I really like how The Astro Six designed this statue
Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins Store Hanger – In case you all forgot, this was Wario’s FIRST appearance. Pretty significant item…

Good Luck!

CLICK HERE to buy this!

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