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Xillia 2 Pocket Watch, FM Towns Marty 2 Console and More!

Good evening VGA readers. A good mix of some mid 90s collectbiles, a few watches and a pretty cool Minecraft collector lot. One auction that stands out for me, and it’s not the Zelda Triforce pin, is the Nintendo Lighted sign. It’s is pricey compared to the other lighted signs out there, but the mix of neon red and blue just screams early 90s. I hope you all enjoy the post before the weekend, and see you tomorrow 🙂

Video Game Auctions:

– Original Nintendo Entertainment System lighted Store Display Sign

– Wolfenstein The New Order – Promo Swag Bundle – Lanyard, Mug and Pin

– Super Mario Bros. Blue Vintage Telephone complete in box


– Vintage Nintendo Game Case Mario Mini Suitcase Original 1988

– 7 Nintendo Promo Tapes (VHS)

– Final Fantasy VII 7 OST Original Soundtrack Limited Edition Digicube

– Nintendo The Legend of Zelda Triforce Pin NSider Sage Gift Promo

– Plants vs Zombies Plush Duo-PopCap Mushroom and Potato-PAX

– Super Metroid Samus Pin – Official Nintendo Promo Item for SNES Game Release

– Fujitsu FM Towns Marty 2 Console System with Box & Viewpoint game ! Japan

– Donkey Kong Country Watch Nintendo Rare

– The Legend of Zelda Vintage 1989 Placemat

– Ultimate Minecon / Minecraft Collectors Bundle

– NIB Tales of Xillia 2 Pocket Watch In The Collector’s Edition, Pouch,Orginal Box

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