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Yoshi’s Island Sweater, Nintendo Press Kit 2000 and more!

Good afternoon VGA readers it’s Sunday the 15th of January.  It’s going to be interesting to see what the new year will bring for video game collectors. 2011 ended with a mysterious Final Fantasy VII Aeriths Music Box which ended prematurely, but all and all it was a great year. Who knows if one will surface this year but I can only hope. Let’s start with the auctions today:

Video Game Auctions:

–  Super Mario 3 NES VGA 85+ Grade – This is a real nice copy of SM3 sealed. Every hardcore Nintendo collector should at least have a copy of SM3 sealed in his or her collection, however this is an expensive copy.

Gears of War Poster – This is an original GOW poster with Marcus on the cover. It’s actually pretty inexpensive.  It’s about $10 with shipping. It’s the same image as the 100,000 kill achievement you get in the first Gears of War with the fire behind Marcus.

2007 Blizzard Leroy Jenkins Print Signed – Its signed by Mike “Gabe” Krahulik #1.

Sonic the HedgeHog and tails sailor plush set – This plush set comes from Japan with tags still intact. Definitely a nice plush set for the sonic collector.

Nintendo Press Kit 2000 – An official press kit released in 2000 by Nintendo. Comes with an image cd as well As information on titles on Gameboy and N64.

Rayman the animated Series promotional VHS – The official video is by Ubisoft and comes with the original box. It looks to be in great shape. The price is $50.

Official Yoshi’s Island Sweater – Apparently it was given to the press upon its release on the Super Nintendo. the BIN price is $50.

CLICK HERE to buy this!

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